In this 'Pioneers' section, you can find out more about some of the people and institutions who are working hard to break down the barriers facing talented disabled people who wish to access further and higher education in the performing arts.

We know from our experience of talking to parents and carers of participants in Diverse City's Remix Gold group how challenging it can be to find accessible training opportunities in higher education (HE) institutions. Without these opportunities, it can be very difficult to progress in the performing arts, no matter how talented you are.

Emma McFarland, Diverse Futures' Research & Mapping Lead, was pleased to find and interview some 'gems'. These are people and organisations who are passionately committed to opening up training in the performing arts in mainstream HE institutions to talented disabled students.

We hope these interviews inspire, provoke debate and promote understanding. Most of all, we hope they nurture new creative responses from individuals, organisations and institutions to the challenge of opening up further and higher education to young people who are disabled.

We know this is just a start and there are other Pioneers out there. If you know someone who is working to extend access to the performing arts in higher or further education, please let us know by emailing Alice Chutter