Organisation: Musical Arc

Region: Yorkshire

Artform: Music

Welcoming: Inclusive/Integrated ; Physical Disability ; Sensory Disability

Opportunity Summary:

The organisation employs some artists on a self-employed basis according to professional circumstances. For further information on membership and development opportunities, please contact the organisation.

Organisation Information:

Musical Arc is a collective of musicians with and without disabilities who perform and deliver workshops to a wide range of audiences. Over the years the group has developed unique and innovative ways of raising awareness and breaking down barriers through the medium of music. Musical Arc is an inclusive organisation which supports and inspires people with physical / sensory impairments to play music in a range of styles and to compose original works. The group leads music workshops within schools, the work place and the wider community and frequently perform in and around Leeds. The group often collaborates with musicians and artists from a range of art forms including dancers, storytellers, poets, writers, puppeteers and composers. Through performing in a variety of mainstream venues, Musical Arc strives to promote cohesion in the community.


T: 0113 275 5614