Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Act Too

Region: London

Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: Learning Disability

Opportunity Summary:

The Baked Bean Theatre Company is a professional group of actors with learning disabilities which creates vibrant and exciting theatre. It meets twice weekly and offers the chance for talented actors to develop their skills and work with professional writers and directors. Work is performed in London and focusses on issues which affect the group.

Organisation Information:

Act Too began life in 2000 as an alternative to daycare services provided in Wandsworth, specialising in drama services, using drama as a learning tool to help improve confidence, social skills and living skills. Act Too now provides a variety of services, including: - Training Opportunities - Independent Living Support - Housing - Theatre company and drama workshops - Dance Workshops - DJ workshops - Outreach

W: www.acttoo.com

T: 020 8944 0024

E: ican@acttoo.com