Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Shape Arts

Region: London

Artform: Cross Artform

Welcoming: All Disabilities

Opportunity Summary:

The dedicated Shape Artists website www.shapeartists.org.uk is a new, specialised digital resource aiming to provide focused space for disabled artists to showcase their work, to promote their own events, and to blog about their practice. It includes artist profiles as well as a place to upload images, sound files, video and the written word. This site is available to disabled artists from any creative discipline and is free to use.

Organisation Information:

Shape Arts is a disability led arts organisation. The scope of Shape's Artistic Policy encompasses the work of disabled artists across all creative disciplines including visual arts, performing arts, sound and music, digital arts and the written / spoken word. Shape Arts develops opportunities for disabled artists, trains cultural institutions to be more inclusive to disabled people and runs participatory arts and development programmes. Shape Arts is dedicated to working with emerging as well as established disabled artists. Shape Arts is committed to inclusion and diversity, working with disabled artists of all ages and from a range of cultural and economic backgrounds. Shape Arts champions high quality art that is ambitious, challenging and intriguing, celebrating the creative process as well as the finished product. Shape Arts supports the element of risk in making excellent art and we value creative ambition. As well as supporting the performing arts, Shape Arts has a very strong track record in the visual arts and runs a number of initiatives to support disabled visual artists including the Adam Reynolds Bursary This

W: www.shapearts.org.uk

T: 020 7424 7330

E: info@shapearts.org.uk