Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Dark Horse

Region: Yorkshire

Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: Learning Disability ; Inclusive/Integrated

Opportunity Summary:

Dark Horse works with talented learning disabled actors in its professional productions. Contact the Company for details of any upcoming auditions or opportunities with the Company. Members of the Company are also drawn from the F2 Foundation Acting Course run by Dark Horse.

Remuneration: A mix of paid and unpaid opportunities. Opportunities are generally paid.

Organisation Information:

Dark Horse is a national touring theatre company which premieres new writing. An ensemble of learning disabled actors feature in productions and exceptional non learning disabled actors from the broader industry are also cast in tours. The work is physical and text based, features original composed music and is visually impactful. Appealing to a broad, general and adult audience, the company's work has a reputation for surprise, innovation and the ability to reverse expectation in powerful and challenging ways, exploring stories and ideas which reflect the human condition to an audience. Dark Horse is also a leading vocational trainer of actors with learning disabilities and develops skills in preparation for work in the industry at the highest level. A unique acting methodology featuring 'the silent approach' hand in hand with 'the actor scheme', a competency based system used to develop and evaluate key skills in Stanislavsky based method, offers all Dark Horse actors the opportunity to train viably for work in all performance media.

W: www.darkhorsetheatre.co.uk

T: 01484 484 441

E: info@darkhorsetheatre.co.uk