Employment Opportunity

Employment & Volunteering Opportunities

Organisation: Exim Dance

Region: South West

Artform: Dance

Welcoming: All Disabilities: Inclusive

Opportunity Summary:

Exim Dance offers employment opportunities for people who are disabled including roles as composers, dancers and teachers. Exim are always looking to work with new dancers so please get in touch.

Organisation Information:

Our mission is to improve young people's lives through dance and we are dedicated to reducing barriers to regular participation in dance for young people of all ages marginalised as a result of their disadvantages in life (whether due to social deprivation, disability, special learning needs, vulnerability due to care arrangements or otherwise), enabling disadvantaged and disabled young people of all ages to participate regularly in dance activities and providing these young people with skills (eg leadership skills) to help them in their future lives. Our community work is underpinned by our professional work as a touring dance company. Exim makes work in Plymouth that is performed in theatres in the UK, as well as delivering educational work to schools and colleges about the work we are touring.

W: www.eximdance.org.uk

T: 07864 168663

E: admin@eximdance.org.uk