Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Access All Areas

Region: London

Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: Learning Disability

Opportunity Summary:

Triple A Agency is a specialist actors agency for talented actors with learning disabilities. Members have successfully fulfilled many professional contracts in TV, radio and theatre. The goal is to enable more disabled actors to gain real paid work as performers in theatre, TV, film and radio. The Agency aims to challenge public perceptions of what people are perceived to be able to achieve whilst providing a platform for excellent real acting work.

Organisation Information:

Access all Areas is a theatre company for people with learning disabilities based in Hackney, London which runs a range of training, community and professional projects. As well as the opportunities detailed here, Access All Areas also runs a weekly theatre group for adults, Rainbow Theatre Company, which present productions twice a year.

W: www.accessallareastheatre.org

T: 020 7613 6445

E: info@accessallareastheatre.org