Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Deafinitely Theatre

Region: London

Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: Sensory Disability

Opportunity Summary:

Deafinitely Theatre employ d/Deaf and hearing actors with British Sign Language skills for productions. Auditions usually take place twice a year and BSL Level 3 skills are preferred. The new Literary Department at Deafinitely Theatre accepts scripts from all writers both d/Deaf and hearing. The remit for plays considered by the company is a simple one; A good story that is accessible to all, highly imaginative and lends itself to the visual interpretation of storytelling that is the trademark of Deafinitely Theatre's work. Further information is available on the Deafinitely Theatre website.

Remuneration: Actors are paid on a contractual basis as per Equity agreement.

Organisation Information:

Deafinitely Theatre was set up in 2002 by Artistic Director Paula Garfield with Kate Furby and Steven Webb. Deafinitely Theatre is an independent, professional d/Deaf-led company. Productions are made from a d/Deaf perspective and aim to empower d/Deaf culture, identity and pride locally, nationally and internationally. Productions are created in British Sign Language (BSL) and English, which can be understood by everyone and yet retain BSL as the leading language throughout, on and off stage. With a great lack of d/Deaf Theatre and millions of Deaf people worldwide, Deafinitely Theatre aims to provide a stage for untold Deaf stories, reflecting and exploring Deaf culture by bringing it front stage. Deafinitely Theatre aims to build a bridge between d/Deaf and hearing worlds by showing plays to both groups as one audience. Plays set out to correct the misconceptions about the d/Deaf world

W: www.deafinitelytheatre.co.uk

T: 020 7387 3586

E: Contact form on website