Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Corali

Region: London

Artform: Dance

Welcoming: Learning Disability

Opportunity Summary:

Corali devise and tour original performance work made by a core group of permanent company members (who have a learning disability) and artistic collaborators. Corali is best known for its site-specific performances and for its partnerships with high profile venues such as Tate Modern and South Bank Centre.

Remuneration: Paid; Unpaid

Organisation Information:

Corali is a committed group of people made up of performers with learning disabilities and artist collaborators. Corali exists to explore the unique creativity and expression of people with learning disabilities by staging original performance works and by offering on-going professional development, education and training opportunities. Corali has two main strands of activity - Performance and Engagement.

W: www.corali.org.uk

T: 020 7091 7113

E: admin@corali.org.uk