Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Birds of Paradise Theatre Company

Region: Central Scotland

Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: All Disabilities ; Inclusive/Integrated

Opportunity Summary:

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company employs disabled and non-disabled actors and performers. Please contact the organisation for details of current and upcoming opportunities.

Organisation Information:

Birds of Paradise Theatre Company is dedicated to promoting the work of disabled artists in partnership with non-disabled artists and mainstream theatre venues and companies. Equalities are at the heart of all company activity and cuts across all areas of the work. The Company's Annual Production showcases the work of disabled artists across Scotland and is the lynchpin of artistic policy. The Agent for Change programme promotes dialogue, discussion and includes artistic master classes. Education and Outreach activities develop talent from an early age. We work in specialist schools; create outreach projects to complement the national tour; create community projects and develop pathways for the next generation of disabled theatre practitioners.

W: www.birdsofparadisetheatre.co.uk

T: 0141 552 1725

E: l4t@birdsofparadisetheatre.co.uk