Employment Opportunity

Organisation: DASH

Region: West Midlands

Artform: Dance

Welcoming: All Disabilities ; Inclusive/Integrated

Opportunity Summary:

Offers one-off commissions for disabled artists alongside opportunities to work on projects. Please contact the organisation for details of current and upcoming opportunities.

Organisation Information:

DASH (Disability Arts in Shropshire) is a disability arts user led organisation, running arts projects across Shropshire, the West Midlands, regionally and nationally. DASH became a limited company and registered charity in 2001 - working in partnership with other arts and cultural organisations to develop disability arts practice. DASH's vision is a society in which Disability Art is recognised as a core and equally valued component within the arts. DASH is built upon the principles of equality of opportunity for all sectors of the community, ensuring that Disabled People are able to take their rightful place in the arts and in society. The aims of DASH are: - To engage with disabled artists and disabled people interested in the arts. - To promote and support disabled people as an arts audience. - To run arts workshops and projects, to undertake research and to deliver training. - To promote and run events that include all members of the community. DASH commissions exciting new work by disabled artists, run workshops and provide mentoring for artists and training as well as facilitating networks.

W: www.dasharts.org

T: 01743 272939

E: mike@dasharts.org