Employment Opportunity

Organisation: artsNK

Region: East Midlands

Artform: Dance

Welcoming: Inclusive/Integrated ; All Disabilities

Opportunity Summary:

Please contact artsNK for details of any employment or other professional opportunities for disabled artists.

Organisation Information:

artsNK is part of a network of dance development agencies and organisations across the UK which support and promote dance locally, regionally and nationally. Their work is diverse and can stretch from supporting professional artists and touring by professional dance companies to youth dance projects and developing dance in schools. Many of these organisations support dance for people who are disabled. Their activities can include offering weekly inclusive or disability dance classes for children, young people and adults, providing specialist support for disabled dance artists, performance opportunities or research to find out more about how talented disabled young people can access professional level training. For details of what artsNK offers to support disabled young people and artists in dance, please contact them directly.

W: www.artsnk.org

T: 01529 410595

E: artsNK