Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Foot in Hand

Region: East Midlands

Artform: Dance

Welcoming: Inclusive/Integrated

Opportunity Summary:

Foot in Hand productions are generally a response to the needs or gaps in current provision. The Company strive to keep them portable, accessible, and relevant. The majority of productions are designed to scale down to accommodate schools or small venues or work as full productions in traditional theatre spaces. Some productions combine disabled and non-disabled professional dancers in inclusive/integrated works. Contact the organisation for details of any current or upcoming opportunities with the Company.

Organisation Information:

Foot in Hand is driven by the vision and values of its Creative Director, dancer/choreographer, Louise Katerega. The Company combines touring work with periods working strategically as an organisation - usually in partnership with other organisations - to create positive changes in people's lives and in British Dance. Education and community work is a central part of the Company's work and work with disabled people is an important part of the programme. Foot in Hand is an organisation based around creative contemporary dance and its related artforms, which employs and delivers to a wide range of people across and beyond the UK. The Company makes shows, teaches workshops and runs training programmes, nurturing artists of today with a passion to inspire the artists of tomorrow. Louise is especially acknowledged for her development work in the field of dance by, for and with disabled people, which, over the past 20 years has taken her as far north as Scotland and as far south as Johannesburg and Brazil. She has provided bespoke training in dance for and with disabled people for professional dance companies and organisations across the UK including DanceXchange, Union Dance and Diversions Dance Company. She is a Core Group member of the National Inclusive Dance Network.

W: www.footinhand.co.uk


E: info@footinhand.co.uk