Training Course

Creative Arts Programme - Music

Organisation: Beaumont College

Region: North West

Artform: Music

Welcoming: All Disabilities

Opportunity Summary:

The three-year music course is designed to enable learners to find their own musical "voice" as a powerful vehicle for self-expression. Through exploration of a wide range of very individual verbal and non-verbal vocal and sound making work, instrument playing and music technology, learners' musical interests and skills are nurtured and expanded. Each project provides an opportunity for practical, experimental music making. Learners are supported to develop solo work in addition to ensemble work. The staff team have a high level of experience in enabling access to music making for those with a wide range of learning difficulties and make extensive use of the latest 'cutting edge' music technology equipment is order to provide access and challenge at all programme levels. There are inclusive opportunities to work in creative partnerships with community and educational groups from the local area. Learners are encouraged to perform to in-house and external audiences. The music department have a very well established link with The University of Lancashire and subsequently hold a 'music week' at college every year that provides an inclusive opportunity to work collaboratively. The department also runs its own record company 'Beaumont College Records' and this provides ultimate challenge for learners with the confidence and ambition to contribute to recordings that are then marketed through our college website.

Organisation Information:

The College was founded in 1977 in Lancaster and is run by Scope, a disability charity. It offers both residential and day programmes to learners aged between 18 and 25 with a broad range of physical and learning impairments. The College's aim is to empower learners to take responsibility for their own lives. It offers an extended curriculum with a strong emphasis on creative arts, communication and self-expression. The College offers inclusive learning programmes for students with physical and learning abilities. Inspired by the philosophy that all people are creative when provided with a supportive environment and facilitated through the person-centred approach, all the courses offer a creative space for personal exploration and growth. In each of the creative art subjects the mode of delivery is planned over three years, but increasingly courses are offered more flexibly to meet the ability needs of learners and incorporate as much challenge within the duration of their programme, which, in some cases, may only be for one year. Before applying to the College, prospective learners and their families/carers are encouraged to arrange an informal visit. There are no formal entry qualifications or examination. It is recommended to apply 18 months - 2 years ahead. For further info about fees and applying, contact the Transition Team on 01524 541400 or email


T: 01524 541400