Training Course

Trainee Programme

Organisation: Act One Arts Base

Region: South East

Artform: Dance

Welcoming: Inclusive/Integrated

Opportunity Summary:

Offers a Trainee Programme for individuals interested in becoming performers and arts leaders. Training activities are run over three stages during the year with ten training days in each stage. Activities include: - professional dance and performance training, - arts leadership training towards becoming a support worker and leader for other people - theatre trips to learn about professional performance and different dance styles - progress meeting to support you to achieve the goals you set for the trainee programme The course is open to people aged 18 years and over and entry is by audition. Course fees are 1,044 for the one year programme.

Organisation Information:

Act One Arts Base runs all-ability dance, theatre and arts projects all over Hertfordshire and the surrounding area. Act One Arts Base work in inclusive spaces where everybody feels valued, creating performances with people from all backgrounds, whatever their abilities. The organisation's goal is to make the performing arts accessible to all, regardless of disability or circumstance. Using this approach breaks down prejudice and barriers to participation for hundreds of young people.


T: 01582 621947