Training Course

Organisation: Centres for Advanced Training (CATs)

Region: UK-Wide

Artform: Dance

Welcoming: Inclusive/Integrated

Opportunity Summary:

National Dance Centres for Advanced Training (CATs) deliver accessible, non-residential, professional training programmes for young people aged 10 to 18 years who demonstrate exceptional potential in dance. Centres are pioneers in prevocational training and research, promoting best practice and providing exceptional and innovative tuition to young people, regardless of their personal circumstances. National Dance CATs are supported through the Government's Music and Dance Scheme and operate from host organisations recognised for their excellence and commitment to the arts and vocational training. Successful applicants are able to access centres across England to receive highly specialist dance training in their locality while continuing to live at home and benefiting from a broad and balanced education. Experts from the professional dance industry nurture and encourage CAT students through a broad range of dance activities; designed to maximise their learning and enable them to excel technically and artistically. The training is individually specified through bespoke training plans helping pupils take ownership of their own learning and realise their personal potential and creativity. The Centres maintain close links with influential dance companies and artists, creating opportunities for children to work with and build relations with future employers, and to gain an inspiring yet realistic insight into the profession. Regular one-on-one tutorials and mentoring offer valuable careers advice and help equip students with the skills to successfully audition for elite vocational dance schools at 11, 16 or 18 years. See the website for details of the CAT training venues across England and for contact information. Please contact CATs individually to discuss provision available for talented young disabled dancers.

Organisation Information:

National Dance Centres for Advanced Training (CATs) identify children with exceptional potential in dance and develop their talent through pioneering programmes; creating and inspiring future generations of world class dancers and choreographers. Through the national provision of highly specialised training for young people, CATs cultivate artists at a critical stage in their development, in order to prepare them for entry into the world