Training Course

The Band Academy

Organisation: Twisting Ducks Theatre Company

Region: North East

Artform: Music

Welcoming: Learning Disability

Opportunity Summary:

The Band Academy is an opportunity for adults with learning disabilities to set up and run their own band. Participants will work with other artists to make and record new music, develop singing and song-writing skills, learn how to play instruments and develop music production skills. The band will perform at events across the north-east as well as running and promoting a regular gig night in Newcastle. The Academy runs for 42 weeks per year and costs 39 per day. If you are interested in joining the Academy, please contact the Company.

Organisation Information:

The Twisting Ducks Theatre Company make entertaining, accessible and informative drama about issues that are important to us and other people with learning disabilities. The Company raises awareness about the rights of people with learning disabilities and the challenges they face and aims to change lives through theatre. The Twisting Ducks inspire others and change society


T: 07925 167775