Semi-Professional Opportunity

Organisation: Stage Beyond Theatre Company


Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: Learning Disability

Opportunity Summary:

The Company works with professional writers, directors and artists to create productions staged in a range of venues, from the Millennium Forum to the streets of Derry and local schools. The Company offers its members theatre training in many art forms, including; dance, voice, physical theatre, music, set design, stage management, lighting directing, facilitation skills and script writing. These take the form of master classes with practitioners from throughout the UK. Recent collaborators have included Mind the Gap Theatre Company, Echo Echo Dance Company, Replay Theatre Company and Oscar-nominated Dave Duggan. Please contact the Company for further information about its work and how to join.

Organisation Information:

Stage Beyond is a theatre company for young adults with learning disabilities. The Company is made up of members from throughout the North West, who have already shown a keen interest in drama. These actors research, devise and tour shows as well as providing accompanying workshops. Based in the Millennium Forum, the Company offers the opportunity to explore issues significant to the learning disabled community and present these as theatre pieces and open workshops to the general community.


T: 028 7137 2223