Semi-Professional Opportunity

Organisation: Theatr Ffynnon

Region: South

Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: All Disabilities

Opportunity Summary:

The Company runs a number of workshops throughout south and mid Wales which run on a weekly basis. Please contact info@theatrffynnon for details of joining the group. The diversity of work the Company undertakes is consistently devised and led by the membership (which currently stands at 100) and the communities the Company works within, to establish themes or issues pertinent to the individuals and communities represented. The Company provides a number of projects, including theatre productions across Mid, South and West Wales. These projects are a window to the work of Theatr Ffynnon and play an integral part in raising the profile of the Company's work. They also challenge people's perception of disability and mental health. They give a voice and a platform for our members to develop confidence, independence and life skills, but above all to stimulate and challenge themselves and realise their full potential.

Organisation Information:

Theatr Ffynnon is a unique community arts theatre company working primarily with adults and young people with learning disabilities, and is recognised as a model of best practice in supporting the development of a disability arts culture in Wales and beyond. The Company exists to enrich the lives of people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and mental health issues, by providing development opportunities through training and participation in the visual and performing arts. Through such diverse opportunities, Theatr Ffynnon endeavour to change perceptions within the communities we work, by promoting a greater understanding and engagement.


T: 07546 390323