Employment Opportunity

Organisation: Limelight Music

Region: Central Scotland

Artform: Music

Welcoming: All Disabilities

Opportunity Summary:

Limelight collaborates with professional disabled musicians. Please contact the organisation for details of any current or upcoming opportunities. Limelight runs LEAP, a three year programme funded by the Scottish Government Equalities Department, which aims to create pathways to employment for people with impairments within the performing arts.

Organisation Information:

Limelight Music is the only Scottish Music Organisation funded directly by The Scottish Government Equalities Department and is the largest employer of musicians with impairments in Scotland. It enhances employment prospects for disabled people by implementing early intervention music training projects within schools, providing performing arts training sessions for over 1,200 school pupils and 300 disabled adults each year. The organisation encourages, organises and promotes collaboration between Special Educational Needs and Mainstream Schools throughout the country. The work helps children find new ways in which to express their feelings, ideas, thoughts and emotions, leading to increased confidence and self-belief. Limelight's workshop tutors include talented disabled musicians and educational arts practitioners who consider themselves as vital role models and mentors for future generations.

W: www.limelightmusic.org.uk

T: 01899 308861

E: m.goatley@limelightmusic.org.uk