Semi-Professional Opportunity

Organisation: Heart n Soul

Region: London

Artform: Cross Artform

Welcoming: Learning Disability

Opportunity Summary:

Heart n Soul provide support to a portfolio of emerging disabled artists including skills development, opportunities to work with professional artists and performance opportunities.

Organisation Information:

Heart n Soul is a leading creative arts company with learning disability culture at its heart. Heart n Soul's work is about art, training and taking part. Diverse artists and participants work together towards the goal of making a more creative, fun and open world. Inclusive creative spaces are created where people are free to express themselves and learn. Heart n Soul encourage experimentation in all things. Heart n Soul's vision is of people with a learning disability living full and equal lives with independence, freedom and pride. Heart n Soul offer a range of opportunities for people to take part, train in a new skill, or develop their artistic talents. Artists and participants share their work live, recorded or online for as many different people to enjoy as possible.


T: 020 8694 1632