Semi-Professional Opportunity

Organisation: Carousel

Region: South East

Artform: Music

Welcoming: Learning Disability; Inclusive/Integrated

Opportunity Summary:

Carousel offers a number of training and performance opportunities for disabled people. These include: - Blue Camel Club: Provides opportunities for bands, musicians, dancers, DJs, VJs to perform. - Shut Up and Listen: Live music and radio made by artists with a learning disability. - Carousel Choir: A choir of learning disabled young adults who perform at professional venues including Glyndebourne Opera House and Brighton's Corn Exchange.

Organisation Information:

Carousel is an award-winning learning disability led arts organisation. Founded in 1982 Carousel works to promote the active involvement of people with a learning disability in the arts, teaching new artistic skills and developing existing talents. Our arts provision is recognised nationally and internationally for its high quality and unique approach. Carousel's objectives are: - To facilitate artists with a learning disability to develop the skills and knowledge to achieve their goals, grow their confidence and succeed in their careers - To develop high quality and challenging partnerships that extend the options for people with a learning disability to engage in the wider artistic and cultural community - To champion the art work made by artists with a learning disability both nationally and internationally To provide a leadership role for this sector nationally, disseminating our approaches


T: 01273 234734