Semi-Professional Opportunity

Organisation: Seven Stars Theatre Company

Region: North East

Artform: Theatre

Welcoming: Learning Disabilities

Opportunity Summary:

The Stars work together as a company four days a week, building their performance skills as actors, social skills as people and creativity as artists - as well as 'having a lot of fun'. They aim to take their creative work and culture to wider audiences and to broaden their touring circuit. Seven Stars perform in traditional theatre venues such as Caedmon Hall, Custom's House, Theatre Royal and Alnwick Playhouse as well as community venues. The Stars have begun to tour internationally having transnational links with Denmark, Lithuania, France, Belgium & Malta. Their work has been showcased at local, national and international festivals and includes comedy, comedia dell arte, drama, devising and adaptations of popular stories and tales. Seven Stars meet four days each week 10am - 3pm to train, research, devise and rehearse. If an event requires, they are also called at other times. Not all members of the group come along everyday, unless working on a specific piece. A spin off group The Satellites work on a Thursday and look specifically at non verbal theatre forms. Revenue from shows and commissions is paid into the Company funds and is used to cover production expenses, travel and professional fees. The Stars welcome new members and taster days can be arranged. For details see our website or call 01670 351962 or email

Organisation Information:

Seven Stars are Northumberland's Learning Disabled Theatre Company. Formed in 1997, the Stars devise and perform their own work, supported by Headway Arts who produce and direct their shows. The Company was set up and is managed by Headway Arts, an arts organisation which specialises in participatory arts. For details of bookings, to commission work or for a chat about the Company's work contact Creative Director, Alison Walton-Robson on 01670 351962 or


T: 01670 351962